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Delivery Chain Optimization - Accelerate

Analyze the performance of your delivery chain through the Accelerate lens. Implementation of a progressive improvement approach and coaching of your teams on all DORA metrics.

Accelerate, DevOps, CI/CD, agility, code quality, automated testing, automation, shift-left on security

Platform reinforcement

Configuration and usage audits on software and middleware platforms such as Kafka, Elastic, Keycloak, Kubernetes, public cloud providers and other "state of the art" IS technologies.
Kafka, Elastic, Keycloak, Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, AWS, RabbitMQ, HA Proxy, Spring…

Progressive redesign of legacy

When a "big bang" overhaul of a legacy system is deemed too risky, we provide proven tools and methodology for a gradual overhaul, visible to users and compatible with an investment spread over several years.

A use-driven approach, inspired by Domain-Driven Design, enabling double-run...