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Agile methods are practice groups for steering and project implementation.
Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops), DevOps is the union of people, processes and technologies designed to continuously deliver value to customers.
Clean Code
Clear, well-organized and efficient product source code. This clean code is more easy to maintain and evolve, even if the development team changes.
Software Craftsmanship
An approach to software development that emphasizes developers' coding skills.
Management 3.0
This version consists in putting in place practices to better balance the relationship established between managers and employees.
Based on the iteration : launch a minimum offer, test, adjust your product, and start again until you find the best idea to sell.

Support from Z to A

We adapt, test and develop new working and teaching methods to reinvent management and to help our clients adapt to the challenges they face. Our commitments are in line with our values. We are involved in responsible and ethical projects and guide our choice of innovative projects in these areas: Security, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Big Data, Green IT.


Through Team Augmentation, you can not only benefit from the expertise of our consultants, but also from the entire community of Z experts supporting them to meet your challenges.


A team adapted to your context, gathering the technical and organizational expertise necessary to achieve your ambitions. This ranges from testing new and innovative ideas, to developing PoCs and/or MVPs, to delivering complete end to end solutions.


Remove your obstacles, reduce your hesitations, secure your decisions by bringing a fresh look at your problems, a perspective on your assumptions, a diagnosis and recommendations with our experienced consultants.


Benefit from the triple skills of our consultants, who will pause their consulting or delivery engagements for a few days to lead the training and therefore share with you their best and most relevant field experiences.

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Software Craftsmanship

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Artificial Intelligence

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