Our culture and values

Let's date to build tomorrow's world together

We are living in an unprecedented period driven by the digital revolution. This revolution has irremediably changed this extremely complex world, as never before, to make it more open, simpler and freer. We believe in technological, organizational and managerial innovation to co-build a better and more accessible world for all.

To achieve this, we are committed in creating an environment that facilitates the regrouping of competent employees, driven by passion, creative and with a concern for quality. These employees are growing talents or experts who like to share, both their knowledge and their friendliness, in the greatest transparency.

Taste of sharing


Our way of making you participate in the Z community! All profits from these online sales are donated to the Coding the world endowment fund.

Conference sponsorship

Zenika sponsors and supports financially and humanly almost all major technical and agile conferences in France and abroad.

Our DNA is based on that philosophy. Led by passion, we share with communities through more than 47K contributions on over 7K projects./ trainers Zenika and the community to discover the latest technologies and code.