Reduce our impact on the environment

As human beings, we have a big impact on the planet and we are aware of it. One of the topics that drives us is our environmental responsibility as a digital player.

We want to minimize this impact through our individual, collective, or professional actions. This is a key focus for us, both internally and externally, in our missions with our clients.

Encourage responsible digital technology


We co-wrote in France the Special Edition of Kaizen Magazine "Responsible Digital: can IT be ecological?" to raise people and businesses' awareness of the impact of the digital technology usages on the environment.

Helping you on the road to digital responsibility

We have created a Green IT offer "<Hello Green World />" to help our customers lower their environmental footprint and meet the ethical, legal and financial challenges they are facing.

Partner of

French community of responsible digital players who are interested, among other things, in digital sobriety, lowtech, and more generally in an alternative digital future. We offer training on the state of the art as well as on the eco-design of digital services.

Green Advocates

The role of our Green Advocates is on three axes: facilitating initiatives aimed at reducing the impact of our agency life, our professional activity and supporting our clients in the Green-IT process.

Take initiatives

Energy transition

One-third of our agencies use the energy supplier Enercoop. This practice will be extended to all agencies.

Carbon balance

We have worked on the realization of our carbon balance in one agency and we plan to generalize it for all the others.

A roof for bees

Following the proposal of several employees, we have been sponsoring a beekeeper and his honey production since 2018.

Computer equipment

We have put in place a new policy for the management of our computer equipment in order to extend the life of the devices or to take into account eco-designed equipment.

Soft mobility

We promote travel by bicycle (sustainable mobility allowance). Some agencies rent electric bikes and we encourage as many people as possible to carpool.

EcoTree partnership

Based on the carbon balance of our IT equipment, our partnership with EcoTree participates in the reconstitution of the Melgven forest in Brittany (mix of chestnut trees and Douglas fir).